3 Pro Tips for Your Email Copy

Cold email outreach is a dominating B2B lead generation method. With the business we’re bringing in for our clients through our pay-per-call white glove service, we can confidently say we are pros. So, just incase you’re not exactly hitting the pro mark, here are a few tips to guide you there…

  1. Solve, Don’t Sell.
    When writing your email copy, think about what it is your product or service solves for the receiver. What is the pain you will ease for them? Whatever it is, make that the focus. Don’t write up paragraphs trying to prove your business, instead, just simply let them know about how you’ll solve their problems.
  2. Be Response Oriented.
    Write your email copy to be brief and to the point while highlighting the solution you have to offer, and do so in a way that calls for a response.
    Be sure there is some sort of prompt for the person to respond to in the email. This is the best way to begin full engagement. If the receiver responds to your prompt, they are fully welcoming a conversation and their interest is high. It is the most natural lead up to gaining your new client.
  3. Avoid Wording that Sends You to Junk Mail
    Email providers will flag copy that includes phrases that appear to overpromise a positive outcome with a goal of retrieving sensitive information from the recipient. While you definitely need to be clear on the value you will offer the recipient in your cold email outreach, you need to do it in a way that is genuine and not gimmicky. If it sounds too good to be true, the smart email providers will probably pick it up as desperation aka possible fraud.
    There are specific words and phrases that will have your email flagged and sent to junk, making it so the receiver will probably never see the email at all. Here are 20 words or phrases to avoid.

Always keep these 3 tips in mind when setting up your cold email outreach. When done properly, email b2b lead generation can fuel your entire flow of business, consistently.