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Why MintLeads

We're strategists, engineers and, direct marketing experts.

Our lead generation strategies deliver consistent, targeted lead flow by focusing on the fundamentals of outbound marketing - with the experience of delivering value for almost 200 clients.

We are focused on the only metric that matters - incremental closed deals and ROI Our clients are turning their investments into meetings, proposals and ultimately, closed revenue with new clients.

How We Grow Your Business

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Industry and Company Targeting

We take the time to identify winning and emerging industries to focus our outreach efforts. We extrapolate from current and ideal clients to build a TAM (total addressable market) map. We then choose 500-5,000 ideal target companies to contact before building out your campaigns.

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Buyer Persona Development

We prioritize the who when we are building strategies. To determine this, we strategically identify previous buyers, decision makers, and stakeholders from existing clients. We create a target map to "surround" the ideal personas- their employees, their bosses, and the ideal buyer. From this we are able to develop a messaging strategy that taps into their personal pain-points.

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Offer Positioning and Engagement Modeling

Each industry, company, and buyer will have different pain-points and will ultimately seek different solutions. We choose winning case studies, proprietary solutions, and key messaging to speak directly to each unique target.

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Multi-Channel Touches and Follow-Up Techniques

We ensure your business's reach is everywhere your ideal client is. Email, LinkedIn, and Content Marketing all create an "ever-present" environment, ensuring your team is top of mind for prospects at all times. Once a prospect engages, we execute a cohesive follow-up strategy to keep them in your funnel.

Our Revenue Generating Partnerships

White label our services with our Revenue Generating Partnership options. We currently collaborate with over 15 clients who have chosen to white label our services. This arrangement not only boosts their profits but also accelerates their clients' growth, enhancing their capacity to invest in additional services. Several clients entirely fund their MintLeads service through the margins earned from their white label agreements.

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