3 Reasons You Need Cold Email

1. Cold email outreach accesses prospects where they spend the most time.

The decision makers of companies have to be reached for business daily. This means they are spending a large portion of their days with their email inbox opened. They’ve got it hooked up to their phone, opened on their laptop, and anytime they are checked out, there’s probably even a second pair of eyes on there from an assistant. Therefore, you want to be in this space. This gives you a massive opportunity to show up in front of a business you are trying to gain as a client.
Word of advice… show up powerfully. Your impression from this first point of contact can make or break the potential of signing them as a client. Put value into it, do it right. Make it show that you are reaching out for them, they need your service to solve their problem.

2. Cold email outreach is scalable and automated.

We all know time is money. With sales, you’ve got to keep this perspective and target methods that allow you to generate leads while spending the least amount of time searching for them. If you or your sales team is spending hours and days trying to search for a prospect, calling them over and over and sending one email at a time, there is little room to generate multiple leads. You can spend an entire month just to find a couple leads. With cold email, you can profile who your ideal client is, get 1,000s of these prospects who fit that profile from prime data sources, setup an email that screams value. Once this is setup, you press go and you’ll have decision makers of prime potential clients looking at your email. You’ll follow up without letting anyone slip through the cracks, as it will all be automated. This will give you so much more time to focus on closing, delivering and actually growing your business.

3. Cold email can be tracked.

As you probably know, a constant flow of incoming new clients takes consistent shifting and fine tuning. You can’t make effective shifts without concrete information on what’s working and what isn’t. Guessing games rarely work. With cold email, you have so many behavioral factors recorded for you to assess and fine tune based on what the market is telling you works best to generate the leads you’re looking for. You get to monitor who is opening your email, who’s clicking on it, who’s opting out, if any emails are bouncing, and so much more – you can get ultra-specific with setting up behavior tracking and email performance. If you’re not experiencing your desired results, you can simply adjust the email until you reach the lead generation you’re looking for.

With all that said, you obviously need to be strategic with your email list you are prospecting, the copy, the value proposition and follow ups. You have to stand out. Stay tuned for more on how to do so…or skip ahead to getting leads booked for you now.