3 Tech Tips for Better Open Rates

The boring side (technical details) of cold email needs fine tuning to make sure that the exciting part, your actual email copy, is seen by recipients.

Here’s a few steps we will touch on…

  1. Warm Up Your Domain
  2. Set a Daily Limit
  3. Use a Cousin Domain

Being that there is so much spam sending out there, email providers have systems set up strongly to try to prevent inboxes from being full of junk. To actually land into inboxes and not get marked as spam, there are of course things to watch for within your email copy (such as spam trigger phrases), but you also need to pay attention to the tech side.

These 3 areas will make a big difference


  1. Warm Up Your Domain
    If you’re using a fresh domain/IP, you’ll need to ‘warm it up’ so it shows to be a legit email address. Without a history of email communication, email providers can flag your domain because they don’t know if it is trustworthy. This will land your emails into the unvisited world of a spam folder.
  1. Set a Daily Limit
    If you’re sending out an email campaign to a big list, you’ll need to set a daily sending limit. If it’s a new email address, you should really stick to about 20 emails per day as your email warms up. If you send too many too quickly, you’ll land in spam folder and it’ll be much harder to get out from those trenches than if you simply avoid them.
    After about a week, you can bump that up to 25 and so on.
  2. Use a Cousin Domain
    Since you’ll be a bit limited at the start, you may want to grab a couple more domains to go through the same process with. This way you can reach out to more people without waiting as long. For instance if you have your company name with a .com, try getting a .net or .io etc…depending on what makes sense for your company/industry.

Here are some ways to warm up the email:
Subscribe to some newsletters.
Interact with colleagues, send a few emails back and forth.
You could also just email some of your other email addresses that you’ve had for a long time and then reply from those addresses.
If you are using Gmass, you can actually turn on automatic warm up and gmail will do this for you

These small technical tweaks will make all the difference for you to get the open rates you’re looking for. These are vital steps in your outbound marketing efforts. If it seems overwhelming, hand it over to our pros.